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Find cool company names, brand domain names, creative business names and unique product names in our large selection of premium brandable .com domains for … memorable company names, app name ideas, product names and unique website names with short and memorable premium. Shop; Favorites; Purchased Brandable Domain Names for Startups. Need business names? We have them in the premier .com. Finding a great, short, and pronounceable that passes the radio test can be extremely difficult. … Conducting a Domain Clearance Checking the history and backlink profile. Choosing a domain name for your startup, for your company, product and services? Looking for a personal blog name or a web 2.0 name? Trying to find a domain name with logo as a ready-made package as soon as possible? BrandTime offers domain names and logos that work together at affordable prices. Buying brandable domain names is a great way to make money in the domain industry. Brandable names are often sold to startups because they are, you guessed it, brandable. In other words, they work well as brand names for companies to use and build brands on. If you’ve been looking online for tips on creating the perfect domain name, you’ve probably come across a variation of the following list. A good domain name should be:
• Short
• Memorable
• Easy to pronounce
• Easy to spell
• Not too similar to competing domain names
• Not somebody else’s trademark
That’s a very useful list, but it’s probably more useful for evaluating a domain name after you’ve chosen it, than it is for helping you to create one.
The first thing to note before you start building your domain name is that unless you’re prepared to spend a lot of money, you can probably forget a domain name on .com, .org or .net that’s a single, real word. Most of those have already been snapped up, either by other businesses or domain speculators. If you’re set on having a single, real word as your domain name, you should consider one of the newer domain extensions (TLDs) – you might get lucky.
On the flipside, if you’re set on having your domain on one of the more established TLDs, then you’re going to have to get creative.
Discoverable vs Brandable domain names
A discoverable domain name is one that will be found by people who don’t know about your website stumbling across it through web searches. They’re descriptive, and made up of a keyword or keyword phrase; something like ‘’ for example.
A brandable domain name, by contrast, is one that evokes only a particular brand – your brand! Brandable domain names are often unique, made-up words – like for example. There are numerous advantages to a brandable domain name – it’s unique to your brand, which will help raise brand awareness, and because it’s unique, it will help your website show up in the top search results for your name.

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